Brands I Trust

On this page you will find a list of brands who use only good quality, natural ingredients. No chemicals. These are brands that I have researched and trust and, as such, recommend. Hopefully with these companies in mind, you will never find yourselves slathering your skin with chemicals again! However, as always, I invite you to go the extra mile and take a peek at the product and company information each website provides for yourselves!! 🙂

Skin Care

Burt’s Bees


Raw Gaia

Skin & Tonic London

Tata Harper

Bare Belly Organics

Just Skin Food


Alima Pure


Ere Perez

Gabriel Cosmetics Inc. *


Living Nature


Odylique By Essential Care

RMS Beauty


* All company products are 100% gluten free. The rest of the brands listed may very well have plenty of, if not the majority, gluten free products. “Zero gluten” is simply not part of their company policy. However, all of the brands above do try to use as little gluten as possible, so it is worth having a dig through their websites!