8. Staying Safe in the Sun: Six Natural Sun Creams

Hello summer!! Here in Switzerland we have been enjoying a delightful few months; replete with warm sunshine, soft breezes and the occasional torrential rainfall, to keep the trees and flowers smiling. Whether your plans include jetting off to exotic lands, seeking heat relief further north or lounging in the comfort of your own back garden, … Continue reading 8. Staying Safe in the Sun: Six Natural Sun Creams


7. What’s In My Spring Makeup Bag?

Spring; the season of new beginnings, of sunshine and flowers and of all things lovely, is upon us! Barbeques are being dragged out of sheds and sunglasses are finding their way from the bottoms of bags to the tops. With each new season comes a change of style, a new colour palette, which also means slightly different makeup! Ever since March came calling, I have been trying out a variety of new pieces, as well as keeping true to a few oldies. New or time honoured favourite, these are the bits and pieces in my makeup bag right now.

6. Winter Skin Care

The chill of winter is finally knocking on our doors, bringing with it icy winds, sparkling frost and soft, soft snow. While certainly beautiful, winter weather can prove very tricky for our skin to cope with. Why is it we tend to run into so many problems come this time of the year? What is it about winter and how can we fight it?

3. Greenwashing

As the natural and green makeup movement becomes increasingly recognised, more and more brands are turning to it. However, while some companies do genuinely try to be as natural as they possibly can, constantly searching for new alternatives to harmful chemicals and opting for simplicity in place of “glamour” in their products, many brands with the reputation of being green are not actually so.