7. What’s In My Spring Makeup Bag?

Spring; the season of new beginnings, of sunshine and flowers and of all things lovely, is upon us! Barbeques are being dragged out of sheds and sunglasses are finding their way from the bottoms of bags to the tops. With each new season comes a change of style, a new colour palette, which also means slightly different makeup! Ever since March came calling, I have been trying out a variety of new pieces, as well as keeping true to a few oldies. New or time honoured favourite, these are the bits and pieces in my makeup bag right now.

1. Concealer: RMS Beauty, “Un” Cover – Up

If one takes care of one’s skin and has the right concealer handy, then foundation is a step that can be skipped all together! This concealer is absolutely marvellous! Brilliant coverage for every individual, from the truest of snow whites to the deepest of ambers, it melts onto the face and not only gives a flawless look but actually nourishes the skin. With coconut oil as a moisturising base, a little caster seed oil to take care of unnecessary germs (disinfectant properties) and nourishing additions of jojoba oil, cocoa seed butter and rosemary extract, this product will actually help heal the blemishes you cover! I never use foundation and always go straight for this little pot of magic. Perhaps that’s why I seem to have run out…

Unknown-62. Bronzer: Living Nature, Summer Bronze Pressed Powder

This product is beautiful and adds a subtle summery hue to the complexion that lasts firmly all day. The product does contain Talc, however, as water, or any other penetration enhancing ingredients, are not part of the bronzer’s composition, the product goes no deeper than the surface of your skin. Furthermore, the Talc particles are bound with natural vegetable oils, ensuring that none of them are released into the air and then inhaled. So it is safe!

Unknown3. Highlighter: RMS Beauty, Master Mixer

I do believe that, together with the RMS concealer, this has got to be one of my favourite products of all time! It is absolutely fabulous! A multi-tasking, multifaceted genius of a product it adds a stunning rose gold sheen to wherever you apply it. And I say “wherever” because you can use it as a highlighter, as an eyeshadow, a lip-gloss or anywhere else you see fit. Beautifully subtle, luminous and elegant, just like the RMS concealer it nourishes the skin, leaving it delightfully smooth. I can guarantee you that I will be using this little treasure for a long time yet! I realise the product hasn’t come out all that well on the photograph, but in reality it catches and plays with the light beautifully! I promise!

Unknown-74. Eyeshadow / Eyeliner: Korres, Volcanic Mineral Twist Golden Bronze

Now, strictly speaking, Korres fall into the category of Greenwashers; encouraging an image of being a far more nature orientated and organic brand than they actually are. However, to clear the green mist, one need only take a look at their website where they very clearly state that the natural content in their products varies between 80% to 99,80% (Ref 1.). This combined with a little further research confirms that, while not the greenest of green, Korres still are far cleaner than most brands.

Regarding the product itself, this stunning eyeshadow pencil is smooth to apply and leaves a beautifully warm, golden brown glimmer in its stead. I actually tend to use it more as an eyeliner, as in marking the top and bottom lashes the pencil creates a soft smoky bronze effect; subtle and natural looking but wonderfully pretty! That being said, it is also gorgeous as an eyeshadow!

5. Eyebrow Pencil: Korres, Eyebrow Pencil 2 Medium – Cedar Wood

Long lasting and natural looking, this pencil gives you total control of how you want your eyebrows to look. Bold or subtle, whatever look you go for, the product is a delight to use.

Unknown-56. Mascara: Living Nature, Thickening Mascara – Jet Black

This product is incredible!! The shortest list of ingredients I have ever seen for mascara, which is always a very good sign, and the quality of every component on that list is outstanding. While not everything is organic, the remaining ingredients are wild harvested, which is a process that certifying bodies (e.g. Soil Association) are growing to recognise. However, the quality of this product is not simply emulated through words on paper, it can be felt with every wand stroke! The consistency is delightfully smooth, clump free, chemical free and fragrance free and I have yet to find another mascara that, when applied, actually feels like it is nourishing my eyelashes. The product really does do exactly as it claims, resulting in beautiful thick, jet black lashes. Incredible!

Unknown-27. Lipstick / Blush: Burt’s Bees, Lip Crayon – Napa Vineyard

Yes, I have indeed written “Lipstick / Blush” because this product is a fabulous tube of versatility. A stunning colour that can either be applied as a deep saturated red or lightly dabbed on for a subtle hint of pink, it looks just as lovely on the lips as it does on the apples of one’s cheeks. And, seeing as this is Burt’s Bees, wherever you apply the product, will feel gloriously soft, moisturised, nourished and healthy! If you’d like a little shimmer to go with the colour on your lips, simply layer the crayon underneath the RMS Beauty, Master Mixer I mentioned above. The result? Absolutely gorgeous!

8. Lipbalm: Skin & Tonic London, Peppermint Lip Balm

100% Natural, 100% Organic, Soil Association certified  – What’s not to love? With only four ingredients, this genius little lip balm is a dream for anybody’s lips! Not too sticky, not too dry, it nourishes the lips and, thanks to the organic peppermint oil addition, leaves them feeling pleasantly tingly. Plus, it smells divine! I have yet to find a lip balm I love as much as this one.

Aaaaaand, that is everything! Have you tried any of these products before? What are the “everyday face” items that you simply can’t leave your house without? I hope very much that you enjoyed this post and that you will be back, eager to read more about how to be healthy minded in the world of cosmetics! Nicky xx

Ref 1 : https://www.korres.com/en/research/product-development


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